Our target is to reach all the local governments in Benin Republic. Asides the above, vulnerable people walk into the food bank daily to collect food and relief items.

  1. Over 300,000 beneficiaries have benefited directly from our Medicare.
  2. United Calabass Human Resources Initiative has helped over 200 vulnerable beneficiaries towards self-sustenance by helping them secure a job through marrying their skills with relevant job opportunities
  3. Through our social media presence, we have helped to put hidden poverty in plain sight by opening the eyes of the people to the need, vulnerability and poverty of others in our midst, thereby creating more awareness on the deplorable state of living in the slums and in return motivating a lot of individuals and organizations to provide help.
  4. We have been able to increase our volunteer base from 200 volunteers in 2016 to over 4000 volunteers in 2018 duly now registered on our database.
  5. Our donor base has increased significantly from 25% of our monthly budget to over 65% of our monthly budget.
  6. Providing relief items like mosquito nets for pregnant mothers and infants of 0 – 3 months, there preventing and reducing the effects of malaria.

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